Insurance Processing Systems

Policy Administration and Underwriting System

Policy issuance systems should be easy to use, adaptable to business changes and cost effective. At DataCede we provide all of these features and more to your benefit. We represent a variety of Insurance Processing Systems.  Our systems are a major breakthrough in web-based underwriting systems that will, rate, quote, bind and deliver policy documents virtually in minutes! Our ability to process online in real time allows insurers to reduce the costs and time of policy issuance, even making small premium and low-limit products cost-effective.

  • Easy to use windows system intuitively assist the operator with the application process
  • Proprietary screening process
  • Flexibility to keep products up-to-date
  • System for Brokers, Agents and Insurers
  • Requires minimal training; turnkey solution
  • 24/7 availability
  • No additional software required; access via the web from any PC

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